Karşılaşmalar is a way of thinking.

Creativity – thinking together – collaboration are the three pillars of Karşılaşmalar. Karşılaşmalar creates site and situation specific solutions by bringing together and developing ideas from an interdisciplinary group of individuals and collectives.

Karşılaşmalar is an interdisciplinary idea workshop.

Karşılaşmalar is based on the principle of developing creative solutions with individuals specialized in different fields including design, contemporary art, and photography. Depending on the project owner’s needs, proposals are presented, either from the existing content pool or via producers who could think with the project owner to meet the needs of the project; these proposals are developed together using the workshop framework.

Production is a collective act at Karşılaşmalar.

A new team is structured for each project. Each team contributes to the creation of a unique situation, growing horizontally.

Karşılaşmalar is defined by its content pool, perpetually growing.

The content pool is formed by bringing together the visual content of individuals from different disciplines, working in the creative industries. This content is applied site-specifically in hotels, cafe, office buildings, and homes.

Karşılaşmalar follows up each project from A to Z.

The Karşılaşmalar team includes the know-how and the human resources to be able to follow up each project from beginning to end, ranging from content production to fine-tuning the application.